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VMOS PRO 2.9.5 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) Download for Android

Published on فبراير 17, 2023
VMOS PRO MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) creates a complete Android operating system with all the standard Android apps, features and capabilities.
Package Name com.vmos.ggp
Publisher VMOS | App Cloner
Category Tools
Version 2.9.5
Size 28 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Link Download Sublink1s, Mediafire, Google

fist paragraph of VMOS PRO APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) Download for Android

Table of contents

Introduce about VMOS PRO

Are you attempting to download certain websites or some applications on Google Play for your Android smartphone but you cannot install them because it needs root permission? Don’t worry, VMOS PRO MOD APK - emulator software will be one of the best alternatives for you.

What is VMOS PRO

It can be claimed that one of the major benefits of the Android operating system is its high customization ability, users may arbitrarily alter their devices. However the thing is, to be able to configure it properly, you need to go through the Root opening step, you may envision it similar to iOS Jailbreak. But, if there is a danger with the process of accessing the device Root, the possibility that your phone will be deactivated and faults arise is extremely big.

Consequently, VMOS PRO was formed with the notion of ​​​​developing an Android emulator (like a second space), enabling you to install programs that need root access. This is regarded a virtual software box that maintains it distinct from the external system and is installed as a standard program for Android or Linux. Customers may be confident that it is incredibly safe and extremely secure.

Configuration needed

Following are setup ideas that will work with VMOS PRO, however some lesser devices can still be utilized reliably.

You should use the Android operating system to download this program, however notice that it is suggested to use it for Android 5.0 and higher.

You should install the program on a smartphone with 32GB of internal memory and 3GB of RAM for a smoother installation procedure.

And a very little need, the device has to be completely given system rights.

Some remarkable features of VMOS PRO!

VMOS PRO produces a virtual environment on Android

VMOS PRO offers users with an emulated virtual environment that enables amazing touch controls. With other applications, users are forced to register for an account, but going to VMOS PRO, you do not have to create an account to access any of its features. After you’ve set up and enabled the app, you may utilize the toolkit. This tools menu provides your android virtual environment with required controls like physical control of your phone including the power on button, volume up/down button, and back button,…

The interface of the virtual environment in Android follows every detail and every major and minor feature of a standard Android operating system, so it also provides the ability to connect to the network and perform operations with apps such as interacting with Android’s system, using Google services, web browsers, and other standard apps.

VMOS PRO enables copying and transferring existing programs

This virtual software enables copying and forwarding functionality from the system with only a few very easy clicks. With this option, you don’t have to spend too much time restarting other programs.

Give users a Root space

Whereas other emulators need rather sophisticated processes, VMOS PRO does not. If you want to execute specific rooted apps without having to work on the system center, then VMOS PRO is the most powerful and helpful solution for you. The rooting pace of this program is pretty quick and smooth, with no latency when you use the primary device, decreasing time consumption.

On the main system, while accessing specialized functionality of certain programs it will need extra root access. Additionally, it also involves conducting root actions multiple times, thus it will make people feel uncomfortable. But, with this tool, you just need to root once, you can utilize that application simply and it will also lower the danger of system-centric failure.

VMOS PRO permits concurrent usage of two accounts

If you have two accounts for an application, or a social networking site Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp… instead of repeatedly logging in and out numerous times, you may create additional virtual applications on the same device due to the support of VMOS PRO. This is particularly advantageous for users, since you can effectively segregate personal accounts and professional accounts.

VMOS PRO enables you to change the resolution optimum

This virtual Android emulator makes it possible for gamers to modify the resolution for better pleasurable experiences. Based on your decision, you may adjust at 1080×1920 or 720×1280 or a new resolution that meets your device setup.

VMOS PRO enables installing Google applications on all devices

As you know, Google is the firm that produces the Android operating system. As a consequence, most Android smartphones offer Google services like Gmail, Play Store, Google Maps, and Games. But, lately, several Chinese gadgets like as Huawei have been sanctioned by American authorities. This includes the fact that Google ceases providing all services to this manufacturer. It is also why, while Huawei employs the Android operating system, you will not be able to access any Google services.

Nevertheless, VMOS PRO may ameliorate this problem. Via the virtual operating system, you may totally utilize Google Maps or Play Store to obtain legitimate programs on smartphones like Huawei.

VMOS PRO enables the simultaneous usage of two displays

One of the attractions of VMOS PRO is the dual-monitor capability, where you may utilize two programs at the same time.

The two displays are utilized side-by-side and may simply be altered as a floating window, moving or resizing the screen will not have any influence on the core system. In addition, the two monitors function independently of each other, so if one of the displays has a defect or interruption, it will not be connected to the other monitor.

This helps you to successfully save time, since you may handle numerous things at once and simply manage your professional and personal leisure demands.


What are the downsides of VMOS PRO?

Adding any new applications will use the device’s RAM. The same goes for VMOS PRO. Because it is considered a second operating system parallel to the original stock Android, its initialization and operation will be smooth if you meet the configuration requirements mentioned above, a CPU large enough and powerful enough to carry two operating systems at the same time, memory and capacity must also be at least 32GB and 3GB of RAM.

In addition to this shortcoming, VMOS PRO firmly captures the hearts of consumers because it is an almost full program in both content and form.

What permissions is VMOS PRO seeking for?

According to VMOS, to better imitate a genuine device, they need the user to have the following precise permissions:

Floating window permissions: Make the virtual operating system better usage on the actual computer.

Storage permission, VMOS will only use for the file transfer station, since the data in the virtual machine is empty, the information must be transmitted to the layout file.

Recording permission will apply when you utilize voice transmission or call capabilities.

Camera permissions will be needed when you use the camera such as scanning QR codes and taking images.

Permissions with device information may be explained since the virtual operating system is devoid of information, therefore it needs to receive information from the actual device.

Phone rights, with certain mobile phones they ask for permits like IMEI.

Is VMOS PRO free?

You may experience all the premium features of VMOS PRO without any payment, entirely for free.

Is VMOS PRO safe?

The creators of this platform are devoted to 100% safety and security features for users.

Download VMOS PRO MOD APK for Android

With the facts that we give, perhaps you can also understand some of the advantages that VMOS PRO delivers. In addition to the downside of using app RAM, VMOS PRO is pretty suitable to provide you the greatest experience of a virtual operating system. Hopefully, with the information, you may consider and try this amazing program.

Available Versions of VMOS PRO

Safety starts with understanding how developers collect and share your data. Data privacy and security practices may vary based on your use, region, and age. The developer provided this information and may update it over time.

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