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Subway Surfers 3.7.2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Coins/Key) Download for Android

Published on فبراير 19, 2023
Subway Surfers MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Key) You will have Unlimited Money to buy and upgrade anything you want.
Name Subway Surfers
Package Name com.kiloo.subwaysurf
Publisher SYBO Games
Category Action, Arcade
Version 3.7.2
Size 152 MB
Price FREE
Requires 5.0 and up
MOD Features Unlimited Coins/Key
Link Download Sublink1s, Mediafire, Google Play

fist paragraph of Subway Surfers APK + MOD (Unlimited Coins/Key) Download for Android.

Table of contents
Subway Surfers APK + MOD (Unlimited Coins/Key) Download for Android Subway Surfers APK + MOD (Unlimited Coins/Key) Download for Android Subway Surfers APK + MOD (Unlimited Coins/Key) Download for Android Subway Surfers APK + MOD (Unlimited Coins/Key) Download for Android Subway Surfers APK + MOD (Unlimited Coins/Key) Download for Android

Introduce about Subway Surfers

Celebrating 10 years of Subway Surfers!

Are you ready for the continuous pursuit on mobile?

There is one thing that must be emphasized from the beginning: This game is fantastic!

The genre is not new. Endless run from the beginning is one of the popular game formats on mobile platforms due of its intuitive, dynamic and simple control, only the touch of a finger. There have been Endless run titles dubbed walls such as Temple Run, Minion Rush: Running Game, Angry Gran Run… The beauty of these games is that they all establish a believable tale predicament, making the character… unable to stop running.

One of the games I myself feel even more realistic, more believable to take place an unending run is Subway Surfers. If you appreciate this genre, you surely cannot overlook this bright beautiful game.

The tale

The scenario in Subway Surfers is fairly intense from the outset. You don’t irritate off the angry monkeys by stealing god statues in temples like Temple Run, nor do you have to fight like the old woman in Angry Gran Run anymore, but this time, the bad kid - you’ll flee away from the furious police trailing after. The pursuit takes place on the backdrop of railway lines with colorful items obstructing the road and numerous gold coins as “food” for the player. Not to mention a huge part of the fun for gamers comes from the cars you gather along the route.

These innovative components immediately made Subway Surfers an enticing infinite run game, worth playing, leaving numerous great moments for billions of players across the world.

Beautiful visuals and thrilling music

Deciding to leverage all the brilliant, current, futuristic hues, Subway Surfers provides players a sensation of full of energy from character creation, surrounding context to shifting shades on the route. Your view may occasionally flip upside down, will revolve like being stuck in a labyrinth of colors while playing Subway Surfers.

The colorful, busy urban soundtrack is also an aftertaste that is hard to remove even after you play Subway Surfers numerous times.

Speaking about success, maybe the contribution of colors, colorful visuals and cheerful mood generated through Subway Surfers’ soundtrack must have played a big influence, it appears even stronger than the renowned endless run games.

The game is simple to play, but not easy to go far

You are an energetic, mischievous youngster who likes to paint railway cars. You want to run about on the tracks but the inspector gets in the way. This rigorous inspector and his menacing dog are continuously hunting you. Thus a race starts.

To escape away from the savage inspector, you will have to run quickly, overcome various obstacles on the tracks, hop over train carriages, gather a lot of gold money on the way to improve and unlock characters. Additionally acquire any unusual goods that boost the character’s power or gain automobiles. This entire approach is not odd to someone who has played through previous endless run games.

Much like every other game you’ve ever played, Subway Surfers is a simple game to get accustomed to but hard to master. You may join the game easily since the control is practically impossible to make it tough for anybody of the game. But to concentrate to go far, get many points, continually obtain power-ups and have new cars in hand, not everyone can do it. You have to be both swift and aware, and have patience and strong reflexes.

Simply hit any obstruction on the road or tumble into a pit, fall from the top of a train and you will lose your life instantly. Throughout the unending voyage of Subway Surfers, you will have to continually evade trains, jump on obstacles, sprint quickly and squirm between gaps to gather gold coins and rare objects. All of those things are growing denser and more frequent, and the difficulty is rising. One second carelessness, you might pay with your life.

Boosters help you go farther!

There are two things you should not miss on the run: gold coins and power-ups. Collected gold coins may be used to unlock new characters, purchase extra skins for characters, or lengthen the time to utilize goods.

Boosters in Subway Surfers may be Jetpacks to help you soar high, Hoverboards to surf on carriages, Sneakers to leap higher to the top of carriages easily, Magnets to help draw gold coins without touching them directly, or is the Star that doubles the score.

In addition to these products, occasionally there will be mystery gift boxes on the route, the characters will fall someplace. Careful not to miss these weird items. Because they will let you swiftly unlock new characters in the game.


Our Jake is not alone. He has many intriguing pals to join him on his trip of “painting the train”. By utilizing money, you will progressively unlock new characters in Subway Surfers such as Lucy, King, Tagbot, Ninja, Frank with stunning appearances. Moreover, Dino is a distinctive character. By linking to your Facebook account, you will obtain this charming dinosaur fully for free. Certain characters like Spike need you to acquire 1000 Radios to unlock.

Gathering characters is the objective of most Subway Surfers players and also the inspiration for each run. With each event season, Subway Surfers features more intriguing personalities for you. Do not miss!


Hoverboards enable you travel quicker and safely. Maybe you don’t know, when you use a Hoverboard, you can’t fall. Even if you crash with a train, you just lose your Hoverboard state and resume the continuous pursuit.

Hence, in principle, if you constantly utilize the Hoverboard, you are fully immortal. Utilize our Subway Surfers MOD APK with a limitless amount of Hoverboards for you to use.

Quest System

Not just racing with the policeman, Subway Surfers also aims to offer depth in the playing experience by developing a number of rather intriguing side tasks. During each run, you will obtain a task listed on the screen. Finishing these tasks will earn you a very high score, shortening the accumulating route to unlock new characters and accessories.

Subway Surfers also enables you to compete with your friends on Facebook, ask you to participate and share the results to see who runs longer on social networks. Not new, however this shape also adds to raise the tension for the game.

MOD APK version of Subway Surfers

  • MOD features
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Keys
  • Unlimited Hoverboards
  • Unlimited Radios

Download Subway Surfers MOD APK for Android

HD images with plenty of colors, interesting gameplay full of energy, energetic soundtrack and tons of vehicles, side missions will keep coming to you, Subway Surfers is one of the endless run mobile games worth playing today. Have you tried it yet?

Available Versions of Subway Surfers

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